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PayPal was founded in 1998 and quickly became a world leader in online payment solutions available in 190 countries and 24 currencies. The number of accounts has exceeded 230 million worldwide. The company received over 20 awards from the online industry and the business community. It is considered to be a safe, simple way to make online transactions. All financial operations are secured with the help of Secure Socket Layer technology with 128bit encryption, and it is also certified by Verisign Secured. Player’s account in the payment system is insured for $100,000 by SafeWeb Insurance against unauthorized money withdrawal.

The registration is free of charge and rather simple, you may read about it on the PayPal site. The only advice I’d like to give you is try to give the same personal information that you gave when opened your credit/debit card.

There are some types of PayPal accounts: Personal Account, Premier Account and Business Account. Each of them has its own peculiarities. Personal account is generally used for purchasing. Premier account is used for both purchasing and selling using the personal name. Business account is for purchasing and selling using the corporate or business name. And the company allows you to have more than one account, for example you may have a Personal account and Business one.

To fund a PayPal account can be made through:

payment methodfeetime period
bank account free (but your bank may take a small charge for various transactions) 3-4 business days if you use your US bank account;
7-9business days if you live in other country

To withdraw money from your PayPal account

payment methodfeetime period
bank accountfreeup to 9 working days
cheque$1.50 in the US

There is a minimum withdrawal limit, it all depends on your residence country. You can only withdraw money in the currency registered on your account.

To send

payment methodfeetime period
PayPal Balancefree instantly
Instant Bank Transferfree
eChequefree5 to 7working days
credit/debitcards2.9% of total amount sent plus $0.30 per transaction (the sender decides who will pay this fee).instantly

All you need to send money is an email address, or mobile number.

To receive money

payment methodfeetime period
PayPal Balancefree
Instant Bank Transfer
eCheque5 to 7working days
credit/debit cardsinstantly

(US account holders can also use PayPal Buyer Credit, PayPal Plus Credit Card, eBay MasterCard). PayPal accepts Visa/Delta/Electron, MasterCard/Eurocard, PayPal Top Up Card, Maestro, Solo, American Express. You can send money to the recipient’s email or mobile phone. If the person who the money is sent to does not have a PayPal account he/she will be requested to open an account to get the funds. An unverified PayPal account has a sending limit. Sending and receiving money is free except that you use a credit/debit card in that case a certain fee is applied. There are also receiving limits that depend on the country you live. For more details look up in the PayPal site.

It is also free to purchase goods and services but if you sell anything you will pay a certain fee (for example, 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 for US account holders, and 1.4% to 3.4% + £0.20 for UK citizens).

Summarizing it all, I want to answer the most probable question you might ask, “What makes PayPal so attractive?” In fact there are several reasons to it.

1. It is extremely popular. You can pay with PayPal in any online shop.
2. It is fast and easy. When buying something you needn’t to enter numerous credit card properties, all you need is the recipient’s ID (and it coincides with the email address)!
3. It is a very safe system. Nobody will ever know your account properties.

More than that, PayPal, perhaps, is the most convenient way to send or receive payments for eBay customers.

You also have an opportunity to exchange currency.

PayPal made a revolution in the mobile world enabling to make instant payments with the mobile phone. It is great when you can use your phone as a universal payment instrument. Those who have activated their phones for PayPal Mobile are able to make any transactions without even entering the PayPal site, all the transfers are made via the phone using SMS.

There were several incidents connected with blocking of the clients’ accounts but all these measures taken by PayPal administration could be justified by unprecedented security system and any customer can be sure that PayPal does everything to provide security for any financial operations.

In the end, it is necessary to add that PayPal prohibits transactions for any gambling activities in the USA and any other jurisdiction where gambling is illegal. But approved gambling merchants from the jurisdictions with legal gambling activities can use PayPal.