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ePassporte is a fast and easy way to transfer money online. The company started in 2003 since then it has done ecommerce business in a successful way. Some of the reasons of ePassporte success may be the following: they service the online gambling market, the customer is allowed to have more than one account, more than that the system is anonymous, a customer needn’t have a bank account.

All transactions are made with the most advanced and sophisticated security methods. When funding your ePassporte Account the transactions are protected via the use of Verified by Visa and ePVerify. When purchasing on the Web with the ePassporte Visa Virtual Account you are protected via the use of password and other protection methods. All the personal information is fully protected by the highly reliable encryption methods.

There are four ePassporte accounts: Personal, Business, Commerce and Corporate.

The signing up is standard and free, after registration you will automatically get a Wallet. The ePassporte Wallet is for sending and receiving money to and from any other ePassporte Account Holder instantly, purchasing online, transferring money to a US checking account, requesting a bank wire transfer. ePassporte Account Holders may upgrade the ePassporte Wallet and purchase the ePassporte Visa Virtual Account for a $5.00 fee. Visa Virtual Account Holders have the same benefits as a Wallet Account Holder and also get the convenience of using a Visa Virtual Account online.

If you already have ePassporte Visa Virtual Account you may buy an ePassporte Visa Electron Card for $35.00. The ePassporte Visa Electron Card is for purchasing at any location where Visa is accepted and for withdrawing funds at lots of Visa and PLUS ATM locations all over the world. Funds on your ePassporte account are shown in USD, but when you use an ATM, your money will be converted in your country’s currency.

You can fund your account through Visa Credit/Debit Cards or US Checking Account.

payment methodfeetime period
credit/debit cards (Visa)$5 for every $100 loadup to 7 working days
US Checking Accountpay $3 for every reload irrespective of the sum you are loading
Instant EFT deposit (for Canadian residents)8.9%

The minimum amount that you may load is $25 and the maximum amount within 24 hours is $500. If you want to make these limits bigger, you must contact ePassporte Account Holder Services Department.

To send funds to other ePassporte Account Holders you can for $0.30 for every of the 5 transfers a day if you make more than 5 transfers you will pay $1 per every additional transaction. To receive funds from another ePassporte Account is free of charge. You will be able to access funds immediately.


payment methodfeetime period
credit/debit cards 1% of the amount but the minimum fee is $5within 5 working days
US bank account$3 per transfer
a bank wire transfer if you are not a US Account Holder$50
Visa or PLUS ATM locations$2 per transaction

If you are an ePassporte Visa Virtual Account Holder who have purchased a Visa Electron Card you will pay only $2 per transaction when withdrawing funds at Visa or PLUS ATM locations. But there is a withdrawing limit that is $300 per day.

Transfers from many poker sites to your ePassporte Account are usually very quick, for example, PokerStars transfers money instantly as a rule and Full Tilt does this within 24 hours.

ePassporte Account Holders can use their mobiles if they have Java to make transaction online. For this they must download ePassporte’s Mobile Money Manager Application. When using your mobile you will pay standard ePassporte fees.

If you have any questions or problems you may contact ePassporte Account Holder Services Department available through email and phone every 24 hours a day 7 days a week.