Roulette in Australian casinos


Having appeared in the 18th century, roulette quickly gained the popularity among players. The modern roulette slightly differs from that one, but one thing remains unchanged, its popularity and it has been skyrocketing since the invention of internet and mobile devices. Roulette is the favourite Aussies’ game at online casinos as well as land-based establishments. There is no single casino in the world where you couldn’t see the roulette table.

When it comes to roulette everyone knows what it is. The game includes three things closely associated with roulette – a table, a wheel and a ball. There are two main types of this exciting game – European Roulette and American Roulette. European roulette has got a wheel with 37 numbered slots, one of which is a zero while American wheel has 38 slots with a zero and double zero. The numbers are red and black whereas the zero/double zero is green. The player’s purpose is to make a bet and predict what number the ball stops on.

Roulette in brick and mortar casinos

Both types, European and American Roulette, are offered in Australian land-based casinos. Every marginally experienced player knows European roulette has lower house edge than American roulette. However, casinos try their best to attract players to American roulette. For example, European roulette offers a $5 betting minimum table while you can find American roulette tables with $1 bet limits.

Today land-based casinos also offer electronic roulette games which have better odds and more betting options. These roulette games based on European roulette and allow placing bets from $0.50 to $500. Some of these electronic devices are powered by random number generators, while others have a wheel being filmed, spun automatically every two minutes or so.

Online roulette in OZ

Besides the traditional types of roulette such as European, American and French, online casinos offer Progressive roulette, multi-wheel and multi-player roulette, and mini roulette tables. You can play online roulette for free and develop your own strategy before you decide to place a real money bet. There are some bets and rules which can hardly be found in the brick and mortar establishments in Australia. They are French Call bets, the la partage and en prison rules. La Partage and En Prison Rules are available in European and French roulette. They can be applied when you place an even-money bet. If you place this kind of a bet and the ball falls onto zero, the la partage rule lets you lose only half of your bet. According to the en prison rule, your bet is ‘imprisoned’ for the next spin, and if it wins the bet is returned, but if it loses, the bet is forfeited. The En Prison rule and the La Partage decrease the house edge in half, from 2.70% to 1.35%.

Online casinos also offer high quality Live Dealer roulette which gives Aussies the ability to attend a live game of roulette and contemplate pretty girls as live dealers from their PC or laptop. You will watch the live dealers spin a wheel with a real ball and say, “place your bets or no more bets, please”, etc. via high quality video stream, while you place your bets over your PC on the traditional simulated roulette layout. Many casinos also host regular roulette tournaments where you have a great opportunity to compete with other players and win a share of a large jackpot. Nowadays, you can enjoy casino roulette and Live Dealer games on the go from your mobile device and tablet.

Overall, here are some benefits of playing roulette online:

  • Accessibility
  • Lower casino edge
  • More variations
  • Better payouts
  • Lower minimum table bets
  • Live Dealers
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • 24/7 support

Where to play roulette online?

Live dealers

Feel the atmosphere and thrill of Vegas playing Live Dealer games.

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Best Roulette Casinos

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Basics, Rules & Types

Online Roulette rules

Roulette is a very easy game. All you need to play it is a wheel, a ball and a table with special layout. You will see separate boxes with numbers in non-sequential order both on the wheel and the table. You can place your bets on any number or a set of numbers. There are 37 numbers (36 numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero) in European roulette and 38 (36 numbers, a single zero and a double zero) in American roulette. The first thing you should do to begin playing is to place your bet or bets on the table. Then watch the ball and wheel rotating and once they stop you will see whether you win or lose.

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Types of roulette:

There are not too many types of roulette but you certainly find those you like best. Most of the roulette variations have the same rules with tiny differences.

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