Blackjack in Australia

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games all around. There is perhaps no person in the world who wouldn’t know what stands behind this name. The purpose of this game is to have a hand with the total point value more than the dealer’s, but it mustn’t go over 21. The good thing about blackjack is that this game implies luck as well as skill. Not only can you enjoy this fantastic game at a land-based gaming venue, but you can also play it at home from your PC or laptop and even at the bus stop on your mobile phone or tablet.

Blackjack in Australian land-based casinos

Blackjack in Australia is played nearly with the same rules as it played in the rest of the world. Here we’ll mention some of them. The dealer does not have a hole card. Let’s imagine the player doubles down and/or splits, and the dealer has a blackjack. What happens next when playing blackjack in Australia depends on the particular casino? There are four variants of developments, as follows:

OBO (Dealer collects Original Bets Only): this means the player may double and/or split and the dealer will only take away the player’s original bet. So the player can do what he wants, he won’t lose more than his initial bet.

OBBO (Original and Busted Bets Only): according to this rule, if the player busts, the dealer will take his busted bets plus one unit from each un-busted hand on the blackjack table. This means the player takes a risk of losing his bets from splitting, but not from doubling.

ENHC (European No Hole Card): this means if the dealer has a blackjack, the house will take all player’s bets, including doubles and splits.

BB+1 (Busted Bets + One): according to this rule, the dealer will take away all busted bets, and one more unit from every player’s bet including doubles and/or splits.

Here are some consistent blackjack Australia rules:

  • You can only double on 9 to 11
  • You can double after split
  • You can’t Surrender

Australian blackjack Rules that vary:

  • Number of decks
  • Number of splits
  • Re-splitting aces
  • Hole card rule
  • Dealer hits or stands on soft 17

Online blackjack Australia

If rules of blackjack at land-based casinos differ in the land of Down Under from Europe and America, online blackjack is played under the same rules as it is played everywhere. The main difference online blackjack from land-based one (I don’t mean you can play online without leaving your place) is that online casinos have a wide range of varieties. When playing blackjack online, you will be able to find multi hand blackjack, various bonus types of blackjack, and even games with progressive jackpots. There are lots of low-stake and high-stake games available online. Online blackjack offers lower house edge than land-based one. If you like you can even play free blackjack and try as many blackjack games as you can before choosing one or two of them to place a real money bet and win.

Gambling online you can feel lack of specific energetic casino ambience, music and people. However, the nature of gambling is changing fast, and for many people, nothing is better than staying at home and playing their favourite blackjack on their computers.

Here are the benefits of online Blackjack

  • Accessibility
  • Lower casino edge
  • More variations
  • Better payouts
  • Lower minimum table bets
  • Live Dealers
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • 24/7 support

Today players have a great opportunity to play their favourite blackjack on their mobile device. Wherever you are you can try your hand at the blackjack table at your favourite casino!

Where to play online blackjack?

Live dealers

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Best Blackjack Casinos

# Casino Bonus Software Review Play
1 All Jackpots Casino All Jackpots Casino AU$ 200 Microgaming Review Play
2 All Slots Casino All Slots Casino AU$ 200 Microgaming Review Play
3 Gaming Club Casino Gaming Club Casino AU$ 100 Microgaming Review Play
4 32Red Casino 32Red Casino AU$ 160 Microgaming Review Play
5 Red Flush Casino Red Flush Casino AU$ 150 Microgaming Review Play
6 Omni Casino Omni Casino AU$ 133 Playtech Review Play
7 Casino Plex Casino Plex AU$ 500 Playtech Review Play
9 Casino King Casino King AU$ 100 Playtech Review Play
10 Lucky Nugget Casino Lucky Nugget Casino AU$ 200 Microgaming Review Play
11 Mummys Gold Casino Mummys Gold Casino AU$ 50 Microgaming Review Play

For beginners

Online blackjack rules blackjack

In spite of the fact that there are a lot of types of blackjack the main rules to the game are almost the same. Each variety has just a slight piece of rule which makes it distinct from others. So, playing Blackjack the player tries to draw cards with a total of 21 points. The main aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer. To do this the player must have a hand that will be higher than the dealer’s and not to go over 21.

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For advanced players

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Blackjack gaming strategies

Blackjack is one of few casino games wherein the player can determine his own fortune. This thing makes blackjack very attractive since this is the game in which the player can win!

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