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Casino bonus… what exactly is it? Such a generous gift from a casino? Who could say, “No” and turn down such a luring offer? Any Aussie especially who is new to the gambling world may think, “Oh, crikey! It’s amazing! I’ll register, grab this free money and go away.” Do you really believe online casinos are that silly? I’m afraid to disappoint you they aren’t. Any bonus, first of all, benefits the house. But let’s start from the beginning.

Casino bonus: claim or not

Once you’ve opened any casino site, the first thing that catches your eye is the main casino promotion, for example, “AUD$1,000 FREE WELCOME BONUS”

The amount and the text can vary, but one thing remains unchanged – these words will always draw your attention. They are written in big bold letters and occupy a considerable part of the home page. In fact, all online casinos offer new players a welcome or sign up bonus. Some of these may benefit the player while others come with a catch. But rest easy. We’re here to help you to make the right choice.

As I’ve already mentioned each bonus benefits first of all the casino. Every online casino attaches certain terms and conditions to each bonus. These terms & conditions tell the player how (on what conditions) they can get this bonus. Moreover, once you’ve got a bonus, you can’t be able to withdraw it before you fulfil wagering requirements. There are casinos, especially Playtech ones, that give bonuses for playing purposes only. So you see, casino bonuses are not a silly business move, but a very clever one with the main purpose is to benefit the house and not the player. However, if you choose and use bonuses properly and wisely, you can also benefit from them.

Welcome bonus: what it is

The bonus is the money the casino gives the player to match his own deposited funds and to encourage him to play. This money is credited to player’s account, but it’s temporarily frozen, together with player’s associated deposit and winnings, until the casino’s wagering or playthrough requirements have been met. The Welcome Bonus is a thing that distinguishes the online casino from the land-based one. Land-based casinos offer different incentives including free meal, drinks, hotels and some other things, but to their loyal players only. When you come to a brick and mortar casino for the first time, at the very best you’ll get few dollars in free pokie games play if you sign up for a player’s card.

When gambling online on your PC or your mobile device, the incentives like free meal and drinks are absolutely useless. So the online casino has to offer you something else so that you could feel it’s worthwhile to play there. And they offer the welcome bonus. More often it is a match of your deposit. There are some pitfalls connected with the welcome bonus and many other casino bonuses. They are, as follows.

• Match bonuses always have limits. It means you may deposit more money, but the casino will not give you more bonus money.
• Furthermore, the games which count 100% towards the wagering have the highest house edge (pokies, for example).
• You have to make a deposit before you are allowed to use the bonus.

These conditions are applied to minimise the house’s own risk. The casinos also offer no deposit bonuses, but they aren’t free either.

Terms & condition attached

There is another reason why online gambling establishments casinos are so generous with their welcome bonus is that it often goes unclaimed. Sometimes a player does not receive a bonus because of cheating. But more common reason is that players haven’t read carefully and understood the casino’s terms and conditions. They could also fail meet wagering requirements. However, if you take the time to read the casino terms and conditions through and through before claiming a bonus and only then get bonuses in amounts and with terms that suit your style of play, a good bonus may appear to be very beneficial. The best pokie machines have a return to player (RTP) of 96% and even higher. However, be aware of the fact that only luck runs the show here. A good welcome bonus can increase your gambling bankroll allowing you to play longer and give you more chances to win.

Understand your possibilities

If you want to be eligible to get the bonus you should first of all deposit the requisite money into your account. However, your bonus, the deposit that allow you to get it, and any winnings from this funds all remain unavailable to you until you fulfil the casino’s own wagering requirements. The minimum playthrough is usually a certain multiple of your bonus and many gambling venues require playing through a bonus and your deposit, too. Remember, the bigger the bonus, the higher the playthrough requirements. More than that, online casinos set a time limit to meet the requirements. This encourages you to play more often and for bigger bets than you are used to.

Don’t forget, not all games count 100% towards meeting the bonus wagering requirements. In all casinos pokies count 100%. Most frequently keno, parlour games, and scratch cards also count 100%. The games with low house edge such as blackjack, roulette, video poker count much less or may not count at all.

Are you going to benefit from the bonus? Then always think out before claiming any whether you can afford it. If you are not a high roller, you might not be able to afford the biggest bonuses. Anyway, it’s up to you what bonus to claim and what amount to deposit. Even the minimum deposit allowed will give you a bonus. The less the bonus is, the smaller wagering requirements are. The minimum deposit is usually $10 or $20. If you can’t afford the wagering requirements for the tiniest bonus, you’d probably better refuse the bonus, or play free casino games.


Aussies have a wide choice of online casinos, so you can be selective. There are great bonuses, while others are awful. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, always read the casino terms and conditions especially that is written in very small print. If you can’t understand anything, feel free to contact Customer Support and ask.

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